Wednesday Team Championship - Season 2

Welcome to season 2 of RCI's team championship! Find a teammate, choose a car and get signed up for the return of weekly team championships at RCI!

80 minute races for teams of two across some of the best tracks ACC has to offer.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice the calendar syncs up with Endurance World Challenge, to provide a perfect appetiser to the weekend's racing.


Top 20  (May vary per race)

Server Passwords

Pre Qualifying Information

Format - Hotstint

You are required to sign up to the championship.

Definition of a "Stint"
A stint is 5 or more CONSECUTIVE lap/s on one track with one car.
Those laps do not all have to be valid but can't be 107% of your fastest lap (e.g. outlap).

Average Time
Within a "Stint" you must drive 5 or more VALID laps. The best 5 valid laps will be taken and the average laptime calculated.

Your fastest average hotstint time for all drivers in your team combined from a single car across all tracks will be determining your split and class.

You are not allowed to change your car after pre-qualifying has ended.


NationalityPaul Ricard

Stewarding & Signouts

Post-race website reports48 hour window post-race
License Points
Maximum race license points: 6 (May vary per race)
Maximum championship license points: 10
Signouts & No Shows
Drop Rounds: 1
Maximum allowed signouts: 2
No show penalty: Discord removal & temporary suspension

Signup Information


Split 1 - 22 / 40
Split 2 - 0 / 99
Pre Qualifying - 0  / 100
Reserves - 0

Available Car Classes & Cars


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