Support RCI

As most people are probably aware, RCI is a passion project that is put on by our staff. None of our staff make any money from RCI at this current time. All of our Admins, Commentators & Stewards all volunteer their free time to help put on fantastic racing for all.

As you can imagine, server costs can definitely get a bit pricey for the amount of racing we do, and we appreciate any and all donations we get in. We do get some donations occasionally, and of course our partner AK Informatica help out, but the more money we can get, the more we can hopefully put towards development of future things. A few things on our development list:

  • The live timings we do for our broadcasts, but availability to have that for every split we run.
  • Eventually, a full driver rating system that can help us categorize people into splits.
  • Server automation to help alleviate the admins time
  • Further optimizations to our broadcasting, including further graphic development and development of our custom broadcast tool

On that note, we have a Patreon:

As well as a PayPal if people would prefer to direct in money that way:

We appreciate any and all support from the community, and it's been awesome having all the support we have already had from you guys. Looking forward to continuing these races for all!

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