BMW Academy

Drivers, welcome to the BMW Academy.

Over the next 6 races you will be competing in a variety of BMW cars to see which of you can adapt and excel. The first two races will be in the M2CS, followed by two races in the M4 GT4 and the final two races will be in the flagship M4 GT3. This will be a test your ability to get the most out of a variety of machines in real race situations and see who is the best of the best in front of the BMW race directors and, for one of you, might lead to a full racing contract*. Get to your cars rookies, the real test starts now.

*-no racing contract is on offer, no BMW staff are watching this, its a normal Monday race series

I'm trying something new for this monday with a single manufacturer series split over multiple cars. All the fun of single make but getting to try multiple cars. There isnt a PreQ this time and I've decided to keep to a single driver category so there will only be one set of standings. There can be only one.


Default - Top 30  (May vary per race)

Server Passwords

Stewarding & Signouts

Post-race website reports48 hour window post-race
License Points
Maximum race license points: 6
Maximum championship license points: 12
Signouts & No Shows
Maximum allowed signouts: 2
No show penalty: Discord removal & temporary suspension

Signup Information


Split 1 - 24 / 99
Reserves - 0

Available Car Classes & Cars

BMW M4 GT3 2022
BMW M2 CS Racing

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