12-Hours of Bathurst

P: 70m @ 06:30 UTC / 07:30 UK Time Q: 20m @ 07:40 UTC / 08:40 UK Time R: 720m @ 08:00 UTC / 09:00 UK Time

A NOTE FOR EVERYONE, THIS DAY IS WHEN BRITISH SUMMER TIME / DAYLIGHT SAVINGS STARTS. That does mess with some timezones a bit, fair warning. Make sure you verify this time with yours vs UTC.

Cars: GT3

Teams: 2-4 drivers Teams/Split: 45 teams Splits: Invite, Pro, Silver, AM Condensed or expanded as needed A note: Stewarding will only be for the invite split. With the World Tour and everything else going on, we simply cannot overburden the staff enough to steward multiple splits here.


Default - Top 30  (May vary per race)

Server Passwords

Stewarding & Signouts

Post-race website reports48 hour window post-race
License Points
Maximum championship license points: 12

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Invite - 42/ 1
Pro - 37/ 45
Silver - 40/ 45
AM - 40/ 45
Reserves - 0

Available Car Classes & Cars


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