24hr Monza

24hr of GT3/GT4 Multiclass, comin at ya! Easily the funnest of the EWC Multiclass races in 2021, our staff have voted on a track for this years back-half standalone 24hr race with Monza!

There will be a 5-lap hotstint qualifying to sort splits for this one. Reminder that ALL of your 2-6 drivers must do pre-qualifying to participate, but you have an entire month to do so!

Server Passwords

Pre Qualifying Information

Format - Hotstint

You are required to sign up to the championship.

Definition of a "Stint"
A stint is 5 or more CONSECUTIVE lap/s on one track with one car.
Those laps do not all have to be valid but can't be 107% of your fastest lap (e.g. outlap).

Average Time
Within a "Stint" you must drive 5 or more VALID laps. The best 5 valid laps will be taken and the average laptime calculated.

Your fastest average hotstint time for all drivers in your team combined from a single car across all tracks will be determining your split and class.

You are not allowed to change your car after pre-qualifying has ended.



Stewarding & Signouts

Post-race website reports1 week window post-race
License Points
Maximum championship license points: 35

Signup Information


Split 1 - 30 / 30
Split 2 - 29 / 30
Pre Qualifying - 0  / 500
Reserves - 0

Available Car Classes & Cars


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